P1 Advanced Racewear

P1 Advanced Racewear

"Made for Drivers, by Drivers"

Motorsport is the root and the key factor of P1 expertise.

The owner, Enrico Glorioso, began his rally career in 1971, When he was just 18.

He has spent his whole life supplying motorsport teams and drivers with his racewear, from pure amateurs to Formula 1 stars.

P1 owner, Enrico Glorioso, pioneered the racewear business when he founded Sparco nearly 40 years ago, which became the worldwide market leader shortly after... A key reason for the success was that every product was carefully developed and tested personally.

It is fair to say, that during a certain long period, about half of the drivers in the whole world were dressed (better said, protected) by him including 70% of the Formula 1 grid and most of drivers in the World Rally Championship, Nascar, Indycar etc.

Taking advantage of his large experience and knowledge of the motorsport world and drivers’ needs (certainly more than 300,000 FIA approved suits manufactured) he decided in 2010 to develop a new brand and range of technically advanced fireproof suits to innovate the racewear business... P1 Advanced Racewear was born.

It is from Enricos knowledge and expertise that P1 is fuelled.  This family run business is filled with passionate motorsport enthusiasts who work hard to produce a high quality product range that racers can trust and rely on.

P1 offers excellent value for money

"We do not make miracles… but we know how to maximize all resources and minimize costs.  A small company like we are is more reactive and dynamic, exactly what motorsport people need. Small company means also little overheads, that’s why P1 is excellent value for money".

Registered office: 9 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6AT

Vat reg: Vat Reg: GB 109 9896 58

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