Lifeline Fire & Safety

Established in 1982, Lifeline is the leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems to the motorsport industry. 

Investment in people and dedicated in-house design and development facilities ensures that Lifelines customers have access to the most effective, top quality safety products available anywhere in the world.

Lifeline Dedication

Lifelines continuous commitment to research and development ensures that you have the most innovative and cutting edge products available, the same products as used by the majority of world & national championship-winning drivers and constructors 

Winner of the MIA Small Business of the Year award, Lifeline is ISO9001 accredited and is an Investor in People employer.

Product Development

The first generation of systems produced by Lifeline were manufactured using Halon 1211 as the extinguishing agent; however, due to environmental pressures the manufacture of Halon ceased under the Montreal Protocol. Thus the race was on to devise an effective replacement for an extinguishing agent that had provided many years of valuable service. Lifeline took the pioneering route of introducing a lightweight, environmentally friendly, foam based extinguishant ZERO 2000.

Current Lifeline motorsport systems use either ZERO 2000 foam based extinguishant or their advanced ZERO 360 gaseous clean agent extinguishants. Both products are fully FIA tested and certified for international motorsport.

Lifeline also offers a comprehensive range of fire suppression systems using gas, foam or powder extinguishing agents for all other kinds of transportation such as trains, buses, armoured vehicles and boats. Systems can also be supplied for the protection of machinery and any other enclosed space that requires fire protection.

As well as Lifelines range of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems they also produce quick release steering bosses for all types of competition vehicle, high intensity FIA homologated rear LED rain lights, FIA homologated roll cage padding and high quality digital tyre pressure gauges.

Why is Lifeline one of the key players in motorsport safety? Since the company was formed almost thirty years ago, in 1982, the key to its progress - and success - has been in Research and development. It is this constant striving to create a better product that keeps it ahead of the competition.

At Lifeline, they understand the needs of the motosport competitor, because Lifeline compete themselves. Sure, they will not be challenging for the F1 World Championship™ but, being in the swim enables them to listen to the pitlane discussions among drivers, teams and constructors that very often form the nucleus of an idea for a new product.

The Lifeline Footprint

You will find Lifeline products in use the world over - in F1, Le Mans Series, Indycar, right down to the Sunday Clubman driver. And it's this grass roots-up attitude that enables them to stay ahead of the competition, while racers battle to stay ahead of theirs - knowing that they are being protected by the best safety products available.

Registered office: 9 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6AT

Vat reg: Vat Reg: GB 109 9896 58

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