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Mega business opportunity with Arai Helmets

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PANDAMONIUM Racing is delighted to announce a major marketing initiative that will greatly enhance its position as the go-to place for motorsport parts and accessories.

The team – which has enjoyed a massive growth spurt since appearing at the Autosport International Show in January – has boosted its product range after being selected as a dedicated distributor for the iconic Arai Helmets brand.

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The Panda has already built strong relationships with the likes of adidas, Bell Helmets, Cobra Seats and EBC Brakes and the addition of Arai Helmets is another brick in the motorsport accessories wall.

Pandamonium Racing founder Hamish Brandon has developed a reputation for selling only products he believes in or has used in his own racing career and feels the latest deal will give racers the chance to pick the best and safest equipment for their own racing teams and campaigns.

Hamish said: “We have had great success with our promotion of the adidas brand. Because of that, Arai Helmets approached us and asked us to become a distributor for them.”

“That is an amazing vote of confidence in the way we do business and it was an opportunity that you do not turn down.

“We are delighted to welcome them as a major new line as we continue our bid to be the best one-stop shop for the highest quality parts and accessories in Scotland.

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“Our ethos is simple, we only promote brands we have used ourselves and have personal knowledge with.  This allows us to recommend with authority and confidence, in addition Arai’s standards are praised globally.

“We are already a distributor for Bell Helmets and now, with Arai, we believe we have the two leading brands in the world.

“This is our chance to build on our core strengths – supplying parts that are world-class.”

The latest move is part of a major boost in the variety of products and streamlining the ordering process to make sure customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently.

Hamish – who also competes in the Milltek Sport VW Racing Cup – adds: “We know we give a very good and personal service to our customers.  Our ecommerce site was introduced at the start of the year and we are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do. The initial feedback to the site has been very positive, but we feel we are only scratching the surface and have exciting plans in place to further improve the site and add value for our customers. However, this will take resources, both financial and time.”

“The deal with Arai and additional investment in the website will allow us to boost our product range and the buying experience for our customers. It won’t happen overnight but we are committed to getting it right.”

“With the extra commitments we have pledged to building and strengthening the business we have taken the difficult decision to put our own racing on hold for a few rounds to ensure that we give ourselves every chance of success.”

“On a personal level, missing any race is frustrating because I am having a great time with Team HARD and my relationship with the team and boss Tony Gilham has been strengthening every month.”

“The plan is to incorporate these changes and improvements as effectively as possible.  After which we will have the infrastructure in place which should allow us to turn some of the attention back to our own racing.  Both the VW Racing Cup and the VAG Trophy are excellent series, definitely the right choice for us in our progression up the racing ladder.”

“If the planned investments and the addition of Arai Helmets are as successful as we believe they can be, we should be back on the grid very quickly.”

“It goes without saying, a massive thanks to Tony and the rest of Team HARD for welcoming us to the team and for their support. Equally, we are extremely grateful for the support and understanding shown toward our decision to miss a few rounds.”

See the full Arai Helmets range online at or contact us directly for more information



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PANDA RACING founder Hamish Brandon has joined the Team-HARD revolution in a unique business partnership to provide high-quality parts and accessories across a number of top series and launch a campaign in the Milltek Sport VW Racing Cup. 

The iconic Panda Racing branding will be on a Team Hard Golf as Hamish, from Hawick in the Scottish Borders, aims to take his next step up the motor racing ladder. 

Hamish started in the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup before enjoying multiple wins in the British Mini Challenge. Now he is ready to take the next step.

But the agreement with Tony Gilham’s rapidly growing Team-HARD squad is more than just a driving deal. The two businesses will also team up, offering parts and accessories at ultra-competitive prices to the Team-HARD stable of drivers.

His season will start when the Milltek Sport VW Racing Cup kicks off at Rockingham at the end of April. Hamish has already shown he is on the pace in pre-season testing and will get race sharp with selected outings in the VAG Trophy.

HAMISH SAYS: I will be racing in the VW Cup, hopefully for the full season. We have a lot of the budget. We just need to find the rest of it and we are working on that now.

It has been a real last-minute deal. We were introduced to Tony by Chris Smiley a few months ago and we have been working together to form a business partnership between Panda and Team-HARD to help Tony on products like adidas and Cobra Seats and several other products we will have down the line. In return, Tony will be helping to promote us. That partnership has been going really well. Tony built a new Golf and gave me the chance to jump in it. We have put the deal together and it feels to be the right fit.

It is a step up from the Minis. I didn’t do any karting but did Mini Coopers in Scotland then in England and then JCWs. They are all stepping stones and a way of progressing up the ladder and Tony provides that. The big draw was to be part of such a big team that has a touring car as well as a GT background. The VW Racing Cup is in the paddock with the GTs so that can help us raise the profile of Panda Racing.

The deal with Tony allows us to supply products and to meet other racers. We are trying to help Team-HARD fund their racing and we have the opportunity to earn a little too so it is a win-win situation. Panda stands for Parts and Accessories and we have some great brands. We exhibited at the Autosport Show for the first time. It was a huge gamble but we have been so busy since then. That is promising because it has helped enable us to go racing this year.

TONY SAYS: We met when Hamish came to the last VAG Trophy race last year with Chris Smiley. We hit it off straight away and he seems a perfect fit for the team as a person and as a business.

It is an extension of our network – the business hub that we operate. Hamish is as driven as me. We are very ambitious and if we can work together off track and help people on track then it is a perfect partnership. We have a lot of drivers under our banner and if we can steer them towards Hamish then they save money and he makes some money then it is another extension to what we are able to offer. It is part of our 10-year plan – admittedly we are eight years ahead on that plan but we are being very sensible in the series we are connected with. We have expanded from one to three cars in the British touring cars and British GT is always something we have wanted to be involved with.

We are a young team, we are a family team and we are very excited about the future. Hamish has come on board at the right time and it feels right. We are excited by what we can do on the track – the potential is clear to see – but the business is also very important. That feels right as well.



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